Transform your data in any format (JSON, CSV, XML) into DATEX II, TPEG... Location references to OpenLR, ALERT-C or other map data sets.


Archive any amount of published data in short and long term archives in cost effective way. Give your tools access to archives via API or bring the data home.


Reuse clearly documented protocols. Document your formats using our guidelines. Publish your doucmentation and if needed, restrict access to it.


Real time operations monitoring with collecting preset and custom metrics (feed size, publication frequency, content metrics). Send alerts or trigger automated actions.

Batch processing

Run regular or ad-hoc jobs on your archived data. Create aggregated data, statistics, validate quality, run preset or custom test suites.

Identity Management

Let users register their accounts and group into arbitrary teams and manage machines. Control access to documentation, feeds. Provide logs and statistics.

Publish once
get multiple data products

Your valuable primary content can easily serve consumers in multiple forms.

Publish once

Produce valuable content and send it to Just once.

Any input format

Publish in format you prefer. JSON, XML, CSV. Whatever.


Multiple formats

Transformations produce output in any required format (DATEX II, TPEG, XML...)

Historical data

Archive primary/transformed data. Provide access to it. Build aggregates.

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TamTam Research s.r.o.
Slunečnicová 338/3
734 01 Karviná
Czech Republic

Research, deployment and standardization in areas related to Traffic Information Exchange.

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About the project

Project Kamelot shall develop complex solution for distribution of traffic information in standardized formats.

The project aims to bridge the gap between ability of an entity to create a valuable primary content (traffic information) on the one hand, and to develop and run functional, efficient and dependable distribution system on the other hand.

Project is co-funded by TA CR under Alfa programme No. TA04031524.

TA CR Agency

Duration of the project: 2014-2016

Project participants

TamTam Research s.r.o.

TamTam Research s.r.o.

Research, deployment and standardization in areas related to Traffic Information Exchange.


Faculty of Transportation Science
Czech Technical University in Prague

CTU is one of the biggest and oldest technical universities in Europe.

CEDA a.s.

Central European Data Agency a.s.

Has been an active player on the Czech and Slovak markets with geospatial data for more than 15 years.